Amphora From First Century Half-Buried In Seabed Of Cadiz Beach

A special unit of divers of the Spanish Civil Guard have recovered two antique amphoras that were washed up on a beach in the tourist province of Cadiz.

The amphoras dated from the first or second century, and were found by a diver who spotted them around eight metres away from the seashore and called the authorities on the beach of Puente Mayorga, in the municipality of San Roque, in the province of Cadiz, southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

Divers of the Special Group of Subaquatic Activities of the Civil Guard started to search in the area pointed out by the unnamed diver and finally found the two amphoras.

According to a press statement of the Spanish Civil Guard obtained by Newsflash, the two items were half buried in the seabed near the seashore and with good visibility.

Photo shows the amphoras recovered in the beach of San Roque, southern Spanish province of Cadiz, Andalusia region. (Newsflash)

After talking with the Tourism, Culture and Sports department of the regional government of Andalusia, among other authorities, it was decided to remove the items from there in order to avoid them being stolen.

Amphoras underwent a stabilization treatment before being carried to the Museum of Cadiz.

It is unclear where they come from.


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