Race Cache Of Iron Swords Dubbed The Year’s Greatest Discovery Of The World By National Geographic

A rare cache of iron swords that were uncovered in the Judean desert have been voted as this year’s greatest discovery in the world by National Geographic.

The four Roman iron swords, believed to be 1,900 years old, were reportedly found in a crevice in the cave in the En Gedi Nature reserve, by the Dead Sea, in Israel.

They were reportedly hidden by the Judean rebels after they were seized from the Roman army as booty.

The find was made by researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority, Ariel University. And the Centre for Cave Research at the Hebrew University on 6th September.

They said in a statement obtained by Clipzilla from Israel Antiquities Authority: “Finding a single sword is rare-so four? It’s a dream! We rubbed our eyes to believe it.”

One of the directors of the Judean Desert Survey Project, Dr Eitan Klein added: “The hiding of the swords and the pilum in deep cracks. In the isolated cave north of En Gedi hints that the weapons were taken as booty from Roman soldiers. Or from the battlefield and purposely hidden by the Judean rebels for reuse.

“Obviously, the rebels did not want to be caught with these weapons by the Roman authorities.”

Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Eli Escusido said. “I am proud of the team of researchers for the worldwide recognition of their discovery.”


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